Friday Confessional


I confess...
I am an absolute idiot. I woke up yesterday with my foot hurting, but put on heels and went to work anyway. And walked 1.5 miles in those heels at lunch. And gardened (not in those heels) after work. And then was in too much pain to sleep.

I just got home from Urgent Care, after stumping the doc. Nothing is broken, there are no signs of injury or infection, my bloodwood came back normal, yet there is joint swelling and the most intense pain I have ever felt (walking, standing, sitting, laying down, you name it).

The doc's only guess is gout. My mom's guess is rheumatoid arthritis. My brothers girlfriend's guess is that I'm turning into some X-men-esque evolutionary superhero thing. I like her theory the best.

So I confess that I'm going to be on extreme pain meds all weekend and beyond, which can only lead to more idiotic ideas.

And thus the loop continues.

I will also confess, however, that the doctors, lab techs, and X-ray techs that I had this morning were very kind, gentle, and sweet to me. I did my best to crack jokes and be unfailingly polite (even when on the verge of tears from the pain), but they all deserve heaps of praise and raises for treating me so well.

(And also, crutches are WAY harder to use than they look, and I'm pretty sure they're not sexy, either)

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