Literary Friday: A Clash of Kings

Hey all! I haven't posted much of what I'm currently reading, mostly because it's taking me forever to get through them. I have more book reviews, and a few book giveaways coming up as well, stay tuned!

I'm currently reading the second of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Fire and Ice" series. The HBO Game of Thrones show inspired me to read them all, but to be honest I like the show BETTER than the books. The books are getting more ponderous as they go along, which is a pitfall of having an epic with a lot of characters and subplots. Could Martin have better pacing and maybe cut out some of the extraneous characters and subplots? Yes. However, I am determined to get through this one.

I will say, my favorite characters thus far haven't died. I want to have a daughter like Arya and a son like Robb. I adore Tyrion, but more so in the series than the books. And I would also like to have a dire wolf (but not a dragon).

Summer Reading List 2012
(these are the goal)

I'm hoping that a 4th of July trip to the Valley will give me enough time to tackle 4 books this summer, or maybe even more, but the warm weather makes it difficult to just sit and read.

So what are YOU reading this summer?

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