Musical Monday: Every Day

I adore this music video, and Stevie Nicks, but mostly I adore Fedora. We occasionally post songs to each other's Facebook wall as a hello, and when we're feeling particularly romantic. It's a fantastic serenade. And this one is so very spot-on!

Don't keep me hangin' on a string
Tell me what I feel is no big thing
Don't turn away I'm listening
Over and over again

Don't give me visions to explain

There are no doubts I feel the strain
Of all my senses yearning
Over and over again
Every day I see you
Every day I need you
Every way I breathe you
On and on and on and on again

It's not important to wonder why

What is just is no more to imply
This simple thought repeating
Over and over again

Imagine all the ways to cope

I close my eyes, that gives me hope
It cures the silence

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