Non-Fat Ass Friday Check-In

Hellow in Blogland! I figured (thanks to Health Not to Health Nut) that I better check in with my weight loss/better health journey. It's been many months, so I'm overdue.

After working my tush off, and seeing a few pounds lost, I went through a period of being too sick to work out. Toss in as many other excuses as you want and, well, I haven't worked out. Not once. In 2 months.

So I'm not getting stronger (although I am trying to work up the motivation to hoop and practice my archery and walk to work 3 days a week).

However, I cut gluten out of my diet entirely, and I'm trying to cut soy out more (I'm allergic to it) and intake as little dairy as possible (which I'm also allergic to). The dairy and soy is a struggle, as so many things contain those. The gluten was tough until I saw the results....and boy howdy, are they worth it!

No more bloating, intestinal cramping, or deadly farts- AND I lost 10+ pounds!

I've cut down on the amount that I eat, simply by not having a lot of food in the house. I'm an adaptable person, so when I open the pantry and see a few things, my brain kicks into "gotta make these last until payday" mode, and I start halving everything that I eat.

Previous Weight: 161.5
Current Weight: 157
Weight lost since 2/22 = 4.5 lbs!

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