July RAK

Book Soulmates

Several folks have asked me what RAK is, since I keep making these end-of-month posts. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness, and it's a book swap. It works like this: You signup, then you peruse the list of folks who have signed up. If you have a book on their wishlist that you're ready to part with, you send it along (media mail, of course). At the end of the month, you make a post about what you sent and what you got. It's a great way to circulate books that you're done with, and possible gain some must-reads in the process!

You can learn more about RAK at Book Soulmates.

In July, I sent



I didn't receive anything, but I did decide that I need to stop buying books. I have so many on my shelves, plus a library nearby, and I need to save my money. So my RAK contributions will now be strictly what I have on my shelves, and my book intake will be whatever anyone gifts me, plus what I have on my shelves. And the library.
I will not be starved for books.

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