Cravebox Beauty Style

I just got my first ever Cravebox and it's filled with lovely things. Check it out!

I love the festive confetti inside! It made things feel summery, even though the weather says Fall.

I do enjoy a good sugar scrub for my tootsies (especially a non-oily one). This was a little TOO scented for me, but the mango scent would be heavenly if toned down a notch.

I have just started using this, so we'll see how effective it is. It's a thick lotion, and a little bit goes a long way. I like that it's all botanical, with names I can read and understand (like 'beet root'). I assume that it will take a week or so of morning and nightly usage before it shows any visible signs of working. But just having a new eye cream to try is nice, since I'm almost out of my old stuff.

What to say? I use Bic Soleil Bella normally. I love the colors, have found the design easy to grip and use, and the 4 bladed head lasts fairly well against my brillo-pad-esque leg hairs.

Hey, Beth, have some more awesome peppermint stuff. OK! 
(For those who don't know, oatmeal is a fantastic oil/dryness balancer for the skin...I use oatmeal soaps in the Winter for just this reason).

Not pictured, because I ate it: ThinkThin nutrition bar (read: gluten-free and low-sugar). They taste like dessert to me!

Thanks, Cravebox! This was totally worth the $11, for the value of the stuff received, as well as the amount of stuff received and the diversity of it. 

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