Kiva and Microlending

Today, I want to talk about Kiva.

Kiva Logo
Kiva is one of my favorite worldwide organizations- they're a leader in microlending and are both trustworthy and well-run.

These microloans essentially work like this:
  1. Poverty-level entrepeneurs in developing countries put together their business plan, with the help of Kiva's business experts. 
  2. Kiva posts this plan on their website (along with a profile of the borrower, and their local Kiva office).
  3. Any number of folks loan any amount of money to the borrower (until their base loan is met).
  4. The borrower then opens their store/etc, and begins paying off the loan as per their agreement.
  5. The payments are equally distributed among the lenders, until your full loan is paid off.

Now here's why I like it:

And right now, Kiva is offering a $25 Free Trial for you. That's right- they front the cash, you choose the recipient. Altruism without sacrifice...what are you waiting for?

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