Literary Friday

Wow, ok so since July 20th, I have read:
(Fascinating, disturbing, and utterly engrossing, this nonfiction account of a sex-reassignment surgery on a child in the late 60's and the ensuing phenomenon was gripping in every sense of the word. As someone not familiar with the concept of sex-reassignment surgeries for intersex or severely injured children, I found it both educational and disturbing. Colapinto does an excellent job painting a fair picture of both sides of the scientific argument that used and emerged from this case, and the gross hubris that drove it into popularity. If you want to learn anything about gender identity, gender psychology, or the role of nature vs. environment in gender identity and sexual preference, I highly HIGHLY recommend this book. Also, if you are fascinated by psychology.)

(It's pretty simplistic, though logical and exactly what you'd expect by the title.)

 (If you're looking for a Castle episode in book format, this book is for you. If, like me, you were hoping for a unique story, a great mystery, and something that isn't a cutesy re-hashing of a TV show, skip this one.)

(in progress...)

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