Smash The Summer Away


I am participating in Ricki Jill and Miss Angie's Smashing Summer Link Party
I had never used a Smash journal before this summer (hadn't even heard of it before this year- Ricki Jill introduced me to them).

But it sounded like a fun and creative way to catalog this very epic summer. On to the fun bits!

Each Smash Journal has a theme. I really wanted the pretty teal one, but it's a baby theme and that just doesn't work for me. I settled for this cream one, which has a wedding theme....which turned out to be more appropriate than I originally thought! I spent one creative evening coloring the front design, as you see here.

I started with the story of how Fedora and I met, complete with site token from the SCA event, my "to send to him" list, etc.

I guess I'm a space-saver, as I tried to keep each event to a single page. On the left there are my hospital bracelets from the foot thing (and written story of what happened), along with the Odie sticker a nurse gave me, and a "world's best mom" award sticker for my mom, who drove 4 hours each way to come take care of me.

On the right are tokens, including my plane ticket receipt, from the family reunion camping trip I took.

Ah, romance! Here's misc from my trip to visit Fedora, in July. On the right is my ever-growing list of things I want to do with him (those we have done are checked off and dated).

Not one, but TWO sets of friends are getting married this summer. Here's one invite, and bridal shower momento (we made fused glass coasters at a local art shop).

Below is the other invite (wedding has not happened yet, so there's space to fill in with extra joojads.

I have so much space in this journal, it's clearly going to extend past the summer and into....well, whenever it gets filled up! I keep forgetting to keep small things, pick up leaves, etc for smashing. But considering I have a birthday in 2 weeks, Fedora is visiting next month, and I'll be moving in the next 3 months, I'm sure I'll have more for it.

Thanks, ladies, for hosting this- I am super grateful that this gave me an excuse to document and keep the memory of Fedora and my first year. :D

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