Book Review: Anthology I: The Other Side

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"A collection of stories about things that go bump in the night. Stories about the end of the world, what happens when your wishes come true, and when your emotions become your darkest enemy. 

1. The Suicide Case – A story about how three lives are intertwined to balance the scales between good and evil.
2. Come Home with Me – Never invite her to come home with you. She will never leave till you are dead.
3. The Other Side – This story is written in the point of view of one man who witnesses the end of the world.
4. Mission of Mercy – This story is written in the point of view of the one who will end the world. This story is linked to The Other Side.
5. The Best Friend – Ever wondered what your best friend is thinking when she is smiling at you? 
6. The Lonely Heart – A young man ponders the end of his life after being rejected by society and family but not everything is what it seems.
7. Mary had a Little Lamb – A young woman who receives a disturbing prophecy that someone she loves will end her life and the desperate measures she takes to keep that from happening. 
8. Mother and the Birds - Flash fiction of what a mother wants her son to learn. 
9. The Death Star – A story in the voice of a young star looking for his purpose in space and finally finding it. 
10. Children of the Mist – Wishes do come true but at what expense? Five young children were given their dreams and now the time has come for them to make a choice whether they want to keep their dreams."

Anthology I - The Other Side is your standard collection of freaky and frightening tales- some macabre, some hopeful, but each with a unique twist. The stories are very short, making this an ideal book for a quick creepy read. It could use some editing to fix grammatical errors, and some of the stories could definitely be fleshed out into longer and more developed tales. Most of the stories reminded me of ones I'd heard as a kid, but a couple of them truly stuck with me as I read this anthology. With a bit of polishing and extension, this could be a very solid and classic collection of spooky tales.

My favorite story was The Best Friend, which took me a bit of time to truly get. And then when I did, it definitely made me wonder if I've misinterpreted puppy kisses this entire time.

If you're more focused on story than grammar, I recommend this for lovers of horror (both physical and psychological, though this isn't terribly gory). If you enjoy a good creepy ghost story, or a what-if serial killer fiction, it's worth picking up. 

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