Stealth Mode

I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I'll be going to Stealth Mode for the next 2-3 weeks. I'm going to try to visit and comment blogs, and I have several blog posts ready to go here on Living a Goddess Life, but some recent changes in my life have made things a bit.....dynamic.

I was laid off on Friday, unexpectedly, and in the middle of my hunt for houses to rent, which is going to make things interesting. 

Also, Fedora comes for a visit on Saturday (eeeeeeEEEEEE!!!!!), and my house is in utter turmoil with the packing, and the cat I can now no longer afford (I'm working on finding him a home, too). 

My garden has suddenly exploded with the late summer heat that we're getting in Seattle right now, and I'm keeping a close eye on soon-to-be-ripe tomatoes and peppers of a wide variety. 

I'm also in the middle of my Sewing for Orphans project, as well as other small sewing projects that need to happen before I pack my machine up. 

Throw active job hunting into that mix, and things get a little squeezed. 

So if you wonder why I'm suddenly down from 5-7 posts per week to 3, or how come I haven't commented on your blog recently, or why my posts are filled with rants against the evils of old cardboard boxes and Seattle traffic.....that's why.

(Thank goodness for Swapoween, books, and Fedora's impending visit, in addition to this blog and you guys.....which all serve to keep me in high spirits despite a rather circus-esque stage of life happening)

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