We Want To Know Wednesday

Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

{one} WYR...splurge on make-up or hairstyling?
If that splurged included someone to put the makeup on me, I'd go that way. Having tons of high-quality makeup does me no good when I can't figure out how to wear it well. I'm still learning, but the eye designs....yeah, I can only wear eyeshadow one way, apparently.
{two} WYR...eat at fancy restaurants or eat good home cooking?
 A fancy restaurant! They can afford things I can't, like lamb and good fish and whatnot. Plus, eating out always inspires me to try my hand at new recipes.

{three} WYR...go to a big city or take a relaxing cruise?
I live in the city, so a relaxing cruise is key for me. When I vacation, unless I'm going to see someone who lives in a city, I'm wanting to get somewhere I can relax and indulge.
{four} WYR... spend your money on jewelry or purses?
Like heels, I don't have a thing for purses. In fact, I own two purses, not counting my two vintage costume piece ones. I'm sure this would be an issue if I were chic and worked at Nordstrom or something. So, jewelry it is!
{five} WYR... wear a dress or jeans?
If I could wear dresses every day, I would. Jeans are comfy, but as Mae West once put it, they ruin the figure. A dress can show off my shapely legs, and my bust, and even make me look more slender than I am. Plus, it plays up my feminine side. At count, I have 6 sundresses, 2 ballgowns, and 3 cocktail dresses. I need some maxi's, and sleeved dresses to pair with leggings for Fall. Any suggestions on good (inexpensive) dress shops? :)

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