Book Review: Michal's Window

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"In ancient Israel, where women are property, Princess Michal loves her father's worst enemy, the future King David. She sacrifices everything to save his life, but will her heart survive war and separation?

Michal's story comes to life in this powerful and emotional journey through love and heartache to self-realization. Her intense love for King David coupled with tragic circumstances causes her to do the unthinkable. Too strong for her time, Michal's story resonates with women today."

I wanted to like Michal's Window. I mean, the synopsis sounds fantastic- a biblical story retold for the modern woman, filling in the blanks where the fable falls short? I'm always a fan of retellings! But I should have known, I really should have. This is genre fiction, and it let me down.

Despite the thickness of this book, very little time is spent developing the characters beyond the basics. I found myself asking WHY all the time: why does Michal think she's in love? why does her father hate David? I'm a fan of character-driven stories, and authors who show instead of telling (which is why I like myth re-tellings, as they tend to add a layer of development to the lesson contained therein). 

Taken as a whole, this filled in a few gaps from Michal's side of the story, regarding what happened to her and to David, but it didn't give me a sense of Michal as a person. And also, the fact that "the lord" was spelled "the LORD" drove me nuts. It's a title, not an acronym, so at best it should be "the Lord". I like the concept and premise, but really wish she had given Michal more of a voice, or maybe even set the series of events in modern-day.

I recommend this for people who love all kinds of Christian fiction, even the stuff based on pretty thin and unbelievable stories/assumptions.

I received this book from in exchange for my honest review.

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