Literary Friday

I missed so many Literary's the recap!

Since August 10, I've read:
(It's a good resource for Dr Who fans of both genders- see my review for the why)

(It was a good first draft of some unusual stories- see my review for more info)

(It was great! Check out my review for the why)

(It was disappointing in it's cynicism- see my upcoming review for more info)

(It was good, a simple love story- see my review for more info)

(It was disappointing- see my review if you want to know why)

(It was great! Lots of great info on ancient food practices, and not-so-ancient ones, as well as interesting recipes and tips for improving your health through food. See my upcoming review for my info!)

(It was ok, but not as unique as I'd hoped for)

(I really like this one, especially the inclusion of medieval and Elizabethan recipes, along with redacted Game of Thrones recipes)

(It's filled with great ideas for budgeting, especially for families)

(Which is hilarious and educational, and a must-read for anyone who isn't squeamish about sex and sex research)

And I'm currently reading:
(I'll be posting a review on this one, eventually, but it's very imaginative)

(And after this, who knows??)

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