Love Medusa Crafts

I have this friend, who is ridiculously talented with wire work and creative stuff, and she started her own shop. As we all know, finding your niche on Etsy is a grueling challenge, given how many talented craft visionaries are on there.

Check out these wire fairy ears:

Love Medusa Crafts is your one-stop shopping for awesomely unique, custom hand-crafted wire fairy ears, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

The above ears I commissioned with the guideline of "I'll probably use them with a glacial elf outfit or something" (yes, I am THAT specific. Artists love me. With a mallet). I never expected that kind of awesome- the gradient colors, like you get with an iceberg, in that exact shade of blue, and with those beautiful curves to them. They rock!

Also, they fit like a dream. The wire is delicate enough to be gently warped to shape your ears exactly. They are worn the way glasses are, looped behind the ears. And they're so lightweight that once I put them on, I couldn't feel them at all. I experimented with shaking my head ("yes" and "no", emphatically) and they didn't budge!

That's my friend modeling them, and she wears glasses, so you can see they even fit around wire rims without an issue.

Her sense of design is fantastic. Below are just some examples of the work she does.



If you plan on ever having an elf or fairy costume, for Halloween or a ball or FaerieWorlds or a convention of anything, I HIGHLY recommend Love Medusa Crafts for your accessory needs.

I was NOT compensated in any way for this review. I just love these unique ears so much, and thought with Halloween coming up, some of you might appreciate this insider info. :)

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