Love my LuvMyBox Box

So many of the subscription box companies out there are similar, focusing on fashion, beauty, and food items. But there is one that stands out for us passionate folk: LuvMyBox

LuvMyBox is a subscription service that is aimed at folks who enjoy nookie- both couples and single folk, of any gender and orientation. With these kinds of goodies, it's hard not to thoroughly enjoy yourself! Boxes arrive monthly, with fun themes like '50 Shades of Grey' and 'Moulin Rouge'.

(This theme was 'bathtime fun')

This is a great service if you enjoy adding a little spice, but don't want the expense, hassle, or embarrassment of trolling your local sex shops. They also make fun gifts to bring to a bridal shower or hen party. But my favorite part about LuvMyBox is the surprise- it's like a sexy advent calendar, and there's things in there I wouldn't have thought to try or buy for myself.

(Rub My Duckie waterproof massager....perfect example!)

You can choose the length of subscription that you want, one or three months, and have it sent to you or anyone else. It's a comparable price to other subscription services, and an especial bargain given how much this stuff costs on its own.

(Amazingly sexy bath foam, smells divine, and is a huge bottle!)

 (A loofa has caused bathtime shenanigans in my past...couple this with the sexy-scent bath foams and pheremone liquid and I'm pretty sure I'll be pruney and afterglowing by the end of the day)

Plus, they're located in Vancouver, BC, which is great news for our Canadian neighbors. But have no fear- they ship all over the US, too....for free!

(Is this a Canadian thing? Liquid pheremones? I imagine taking a bath in this, then walking around and men just Velcroing themselves to me)

(An energy aromatherapy body wash...which I'll need, to keep up with that duckie!)

(Further proof that LuvMyBox is staffed by smart cookies- they know bathwater isn't good lubrication! Hey, I wonder if they're hiring??)

LuvMyBox sent me one of their boxes in exchange for an honest review, which this is.

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