Witches and Ghouls and Swapoween, Oh My!

Tada! My swappy partner was the amazingly creative (and fabulous) Jen at Grown in Southern Ground (which is her personal blog) Jen's Guide to Saluda (which is a great guide to North Carolina attractions and restaurants). Aside from her dauntless energy and zest for life, which comes through her posts regularly, Jen has a delightfully fun sense of Halloween.
(Isn't she adorable?)

She actually looked for zombie stuff for me, and found some things that are much better than rotting flesh and brains. Check it out!
(At first I was like....wha...?)

(And then I was like....OMGDORABLE!)

(He needed a blood donor)

(And check this gorgeous necklace)

(whiiiiiich is more appropriate than you'd think...and I love it, given my spiritual beliefs and my obsession with language)

More cuteness!

These are too cute to blow my nose on. I'm putting them out as decor.

Softy soft adorable owly dishtowels!

A witch PEZ and Dove chocolate that did not even last to the end of this post.

Thank you so much, Jen! You have GREAT taste in gifts, Halloween, and obviously everything else. I've really enjoyed stalking your blogs this month (yes, I cheated, because I knew who was sending to me, but also because Jen was a new blogger for me and I was curious about her).

I'm looking forward to watching to blog swap, Pinterest party host, personal questions blog post, and review places that make me actually want to travel to NC.

And on the other side of the swap (since we sent round-robin-style), I sent goodies to Jessica G!

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