A Love Story

It occurs to me that I've been posting an awful lot of product reviews, book reviews, giveaways, recipes, and crafts....and not a lot about what's going on in my life right now. And since Fedora and I are days away from moving in together, I thought it's time to let you in on the story of how we met.

(Don't worry, I'll try to keep it sap-free)

(not my photo, but a great one)

It was the end of May, and I had flown to San Diego to visit my friend Coyote for his birthday. Coyote is a wonderful human being, who decided the best bday gift would be for HIM to treat me to an SCA event. Traditionally, at any sort of historic reenactment event I have been a bit of a floozy. However, I was determined this time to not even flirt with anyone while there. The last thing I need, I thought (and said, often), was a San Diego Complication. 

(Also not my photo, but that's Coyote. And ladies, he's single.)

So my solitary goal for the 5-day trip was to find Coyote a worthy, wonderful gal to warm his tent. 
And I failed at that, 100%.

However, on my second evening there, I hit it off with Win and Stout. In the middle of a geek-filled, drunken (them, not me) conversation, Win turns to me and says "Have you met our friend, Fedora? He's single!"

(It was like this, but much, much darker)

For anyone that has never been subjected to the "you are single and he is single so I must make you two like each other for the sake of humankind!" element of being friends with married couples (or the sole single person in a group), it's beyond awkward. So Fedora and I both warily made small talk and basically avoided each other while the 4 of us went on walkabout.

The problem, of course, was that he kept making me laugh. And he kept laughing at my jokes.
And then we stopped by a camp with a large fire and I finally really saw his face...and some inner part of my being said "Oh! It's you!"

This, of course, scared the chips out of me, so I resolutely DID NOT FLIRT with Fedora. All weekend.
What we did do was stay up all night, every night, talking. 

It was so natural, and easy, and right (and still is), that I never once thought I was in the early stages of a relationship. I never analyzed it (which, for a Virgo, is bizarre).

It wasn't until the end of that long weekend, when we were saying goodbye, that I realized there was probably Something there and by that point I had no idea what to do about it.

Luckily, Fate came to my rescue (again?) and caused a traffic stop that resulted in me missing my plane home....and spending another 3 days with Fedora, at his place. So while I didn't flooze it up or even entertain the thought of having a boyfriend, I suddenly found myself (happily) with one.

We've been making it work, long-distance-style, ever since then.
But of course there comes a point in every relationship where you put up or shut up- that decisive moment where you either change together to build a future, or walk away. Far from it being a decision fraught with anxiety and doubt, Fedora and I tossed around the possibilities, and agreed that his moving to Seattle would be best. (He has family here, you see, and so do I)

(art in Greenwich, not my photo)

So he's doing the valiant, romantic knight thing (he IS a Paladin, by the way) and quitting his job and leaving his friends, to move in with me in our new home. Which we picked out together, the last time he came for a visit.

It's a few weeks shy of our 6 month anniversary, and we're taking that major make-or-break next step of moving in together. I'm nervous, I'm excited, I'm hyper-aware of all the possible outcomes of this....but mostly, I'm happy to have my man in my life regularly.

So there it is, the continuing saga of our too-fast, unintended, SCA-started, fabulous romance.

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