Focaccia Bread or Faux Pizza

My tomatoes produced a very, very large amount of green ones....and 9 red ones.
Seeing as I didn't have onions on hand, to make salsa, or bacon on hand, to make BLTs, I decided to make my own Faux Pizza. It's a super simple way to use up produce (not just tomatoes), for a quick side dish.

Core the tomatoes as you normally would. Let them simmer in a pan with some red wine, or beet juice (as this is), or broth.You're basically stewing them at this point.

Be lazy, like me, and make a crust mix. Voila! (Ok, making pizza crust is not that difficult, but this one is gluten-free, and was surprisingly decent).

Let the tomatoes go until you get most of the water out of them. You can skim off the skins, if you'd like, as this point.

You may or may not need to add a thickener, in addition to Italian herb seasoning.

Pre-bake the crust as per directions, then spread your now-pastey tomato concoction over it.

Spread it all the way to the ends. This is the part where you sprinkle it with cheese (or not) and top it with anything you desire. I sauteed carrot slices and zucchini with mine, as a way of using leftovers.

And there you have it! A lazy way to make a side dish out of spare vegetables.

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