SinicallyTwisted Art (and mermaids)

Hey lovelies!
You may have noticed a new sponsor on my sidebar to the right there.
Who is this mysterious mermaid person, you ask?

None other than the amazing artist and social media kitten, SinicallyTwisted!

This innovative, artistic gal (who also costumes, crafts, and is generally a rocker chick bad@$$) is based out of New England and makes fantastic pencil and color art. I know her through another mutual artist friend, and I've been following her adventures for the past 7 years or I was super flattered and honored to have her as a sponsor!

Some of you may remember the piece I commissioned from her, which is a wonderful combination of my love for orcas, dancing, and Art Nouveau:

SinicallyTwisted does a variety of artwork, including the comic strip Ghost Kitty (based on real events). Right now she's having a blast creating mermaid characters out of cartoon characters, comic book characters, anime characters, video game characters, etc. Check out some of my favs:

(Voodoo Baby, Poison Ivy, Rarity, Miss Piggy)

And there's many more! She's even taking suggestions for favorite characters to make into mermaids. Personally, I love how the tail of each creation is personalized to THAT character (like Rarity's looks like a mane).

And at $15 per print, they're super affordable, too!

And although, as a sponsor, I should be dedicating this post entirely to her groovy artwork and unique style, I just have to mention her AMAZEBALLS Lady Shen costume.

She saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and said "I bet I could do a Lady Shen costume" and then did it...including the hand beading of every "feather" you see there. 
This costumer is in total awe, to be honest.

So there you have it, my super-cool sponsor SinicallyTwisted. Go check out some of her mermaids, maybe suggest one for her, commission a perfect piece of art, or just send her some Facebook and Twitter love. And tell her Beth sent ya!

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