12 Days of Christmas Swap Reveal

I was paired with the lovely and talented Traci of Miss Rose & Lou.

I have to take a moment and address how awesome this lady is. Not only did she send a fantastic package, she was patient and kind despite the fact that my swap package took a massive detour in getting to her. I'll spare you my rant against USPS (which definitely would be considered "going postal"), but the gist of it was that my package was mis-routed several times and STILL hasn't arrived.

The fact that Traci kept a rosy cheek through that amazes me.
Also, her skills in crafting amaze me.

And the things she made and bought and wrapped for me? You'd think we were neighbors! Maybe in a previous life? She's got a talent for a variety of handmade skills, for sure.

I had to show picks of the wrapped packages- I love that she did everything in brown paper, with cute, unique fabric ribbons. This, to me, is the pinnacle of eco-friendly wrapping: use what you have, present it prettily, clean and festive. Yay!

Gifties of awesomeness:
{day 1} Christmas cookie cutters (8, in total), recipe cards, tree oven mitt, and anchor cameo that I am DEFINITELY using in one of my Steampunk costumes

{day 2} Handmade "Bah Hambug" candle holder with flicker LED candle. For those that know Fedora's apathy toward the holiday season, and our mutual love of candles, this is bloody brilliant

{day 3} Cute holiday tin and handmade Christmas ball ornament, filled with dark green feathers. I am trying to figure out how to safely work this into a costume.

{day 4} Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, one of my favorite books, with a gorgeous feather bookmark

{day 5} "Tis the Season" holiday mug with assortment of teas and handmade fabric coaster/runner

{day 6} Pens, handmade cards, and a "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful" journal

{day 7} Handmade framed "Let's blog some shit" plaque

{day 8} Blue and Green makeup bag with zebra-striped emory board, red nail polish, cinnamon bun lip gloss, shimmery pink mineral eye shadow, and alligator-style hair clip

{day 9} DIY Christmas bunting craft- instructions, fabric, brick brack, and a cute handsewn bag

{day 10} Handmade fabric tile coasters in my favorite colors

{day 11} Adorable (and soft!) knit scarf with hearts

{day 12} Exclusive LolitaRose handmade pearl drop earrings

Thank you, Traci

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