2012 Review Extravaganza- Best Summah Evah

I went on vacay in Euer Valley, for the last time ever.

I fell even deeper in love with Fedora.

Valentino ran away, then began a career of being a miserable-and-loud-24/7-when-indoors cat.

Miss Angie and I started up Chaotic Goddess Swaps, for our multitude of hosted swaps.

I hosted SIX giveaways in honor of my amazing readers, and reaching 200 followers.

I turned 31.

I did a lot of Smashing.

I had a wine-centric visit to my folks', which provided some much-needed love (both of the heart and the vine).

I became a redhead!

Fedora came for a visit, and we talked seriously about the future.

I was laid off.

My landlord sold my building.

We began house-hunting together.

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