2012 Review Extravaganza - The Final 3

Miss Angie and I hosted the Swapoween (round robin style, this time), and I was paired with the fantastically adorable Jen at Grown in Southern Ground.

I moved!

I job hunted a lot.

I flew to Fedora and we moved him into the house with me (about 2 weeks after I moved in).

I had an awesome Thanksgiving with my family and their SOs, during which Fedora met everyone at once. Trial by fire!
(He survived, thankfully).

Our house flooded, but we got everything unpacked and set up, anyway.

Miss Angie and I hosted the 12 Days of Christmas Swap. I was paired with the octopi-loving Traci from Rose & Lou.

I survived the (very anticlimactic) apocalypse.

I made nog, creamer, cookies, chai, and a chocolate coconut cake (without eggs).

Fat Joe took over my blog for a day.

I hosted a few book giveaways.

My Goals for 2013:
01. Pay off the majority of my debt
02. Get a good job
03. Sew three or more costumes
04. Co-host more blog swaps with Miss Angie
05. Plant, tend, and love my new veggie garden

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