December Goals

Where did November go?! I was so busy, the month passed me right by. But holy cats- I did everything on the list! I set the bar low, but I'm still quite proud of myself.

November Goals Recap
  • Volunteer with the local community theatre (fliers are posted, and I will be an usher for the Dec show of "Miracle on 34th Street")
  • Read and review at least 4 more books (thanks to Ricki Jill and Literary Friday for the motivation)
  • Move Fedora up to our new home (up, yes, settled, no)
  • Decorate for Fall/Thanksgiving (not that anyone saw it, but it happened!)
  • Have Thanksgiving with the family, including caravaning to the 'rents and cooking at least 2 dishes for everyone while I'm there (does 2 desserts count?)
  • Co-host the 12 Days of Christmas with Miss Angie (see Chaotic Goddess Swaps starting 11/9 for more info!) (this is a great swap so far!)
  • Send a RAK (5 sent and counting)
  • Apply to at least 15 jobs (done and done!)

December Goals
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Get the house completely unpacked and set up
  • Continue to host the awesome 12 Days of Christmas swap with Miss Angie
  • Apply to at least 15 more jobs
  • Read and review at least 4 more books
  • Get my swap package wrapped and sent to the adorable Traci
  • Spend Xmas Eve with Fedora's family
  • Spend Xmas with my family
  • Bake a slough of holiday goodies for folks
  • Introduce ourselves to the neighbors
  • Start a Game of Thrones dinner night with E, J, and F
  • Sew curtains for the guest room

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