Do You Know Traci?

You should!
I was recently paired with Traci from Miss Rose & Lou, and I wanted to share how awesome this gal is. 
She loves purple, octopi, owls, The Walking Dead, Dr. Pepper.....see how awesome she is?!

Her Etsy shop, lolitarose, showcases her amazing talent for jewelry creation. These are some of my favorites:

And additionally, she crafts...craftily!

Tile coasters!

Cloth runner/coaster!

Feather ornament!

Fabric-covered candle holder!

She blogs about life out in NY, fashion, food, and other fun miscellany. 
Some of my favorite posts so far:

On Being Beautiful
(and why body shape, curves or not, does not dictate your health or happiness)

Sometimes The Beatles Have the Best Advice
(and how love, and honoring love, can get you through the crap of life)

Being an Evil Stepmother
(and how to handle the tricky bits of not being the birth mother)

She's a fun blogger who is brutally honest with her posts (which I appreciate). I highly recommend checking her out!

(all images came from this blog, or Miss Rose & Lou, or lolitarose, and are copyrighted accordingly)

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