Fat Ass Friday: Rebooting My Lazy Ass

So, last year I kicked ass (how many times can I say ass in this post?) on losing weight and getting in better shape, thanks to going gluten-free and walking to work and PINK. 

And then life happened and priorities shifted, and I was still doing OK, though exercising less.
And then the holidays hit and I was not just not exercising, I was overeating.
Same old cycle!

Now, I'm poverty-level unemployed right now, so I have plenty of time to kill, but no funds to join a gym or dance class or eat clean (note: I *am* eating healthy, just cheating more often than is ideal, because sometimes Top Ramen is what you have).

So my new goal is to move every day, via an urban walk or equivalent, and to drag Fedora along with me.
My ultimate goal? Get us both into Geocaching, and use that to exercise and have fun on a weekly basis. And then, eventually, rapier and combat archery in the SCA, swing dancing and/or bellydance, and plenty of hiking on our camping trips.

Current Stats:

Starting Weight: 173.5
Last Week's Weight: unknown
Today's Weight: 174.5
Loss/Gain This Week: +1
Total Weight Loss:  0

Fri- Walked 1.2 miles with Fedora (30 min)
Sat- Walked 2.3 miles with Fedora (60 min)
Mon- Walked 2.1 miles with Fedora (60 min)
Wed- Walked 3 miles with Fedora (90 min)

Aaaand this apparently increased my muscle mass??

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