Holiday Voxbox

I was super-stoked to receive my Holiday Voxbox from Influenster (not a member yet? Send me your email and I'll send you an invite to join- You get to take fun challenge quizzes, earn badges, and get free products to review!). It came after the holidays were over, but I'm still enjoying it anyway!

Sole Society is offering us all $25 off any of their shoes (which are fun- I already have two pairs on my "to buy" list, and I'm not a shoe person). Just use coupon code INFLUENSTER25 and enjoy!

I do love me some oats, and especially "grab and go" oat/nut/fruit mixes. One of my favorites is a local brand called Umpqua Oats, and this was the first time I saw Quaker doing the same thing. I was sent the Peach Almond flavor....and it's delicious! I like both peaches and almonds, and they make a nice naturally-sweet, chewy, filling breakfast.

I really loved the SpinPins that Goody sent last time. Despite my curly hair, they work well. Unfortunately, I can't even try this Quikstyle brush. Curly hair and brushes don't mix- there ends up being a lot of pain and bald patches. I understand the concept behind this brush- the microfiber base of each bristle will absorb water on the roots and dry hair faster- but I think this is really only true for people with thinner, straight hair. 

It smells like chocolate, but is a mud mask. And it works, as far as I can tell. It's got enough for two uses, even with generous application. And it did make my skin feel softer and hydrated after- especially around the outside of my eyes. Best of all? Fedora leaned in to kiss me and apparently, even an hour after using the mask, I smell like chocolate. Bonus!
What? You want a pic of me using it?

Can I tell you how much I've wanted to try one of these?! I stink at painting my nails nicely, and I can't afford manicures, so this is the perfect solution. Just peel, smooth onto your nail, and cut down to the right size. They're supposed to last over a week, even for those of us who hand wash our dishes. I'm waiting to try these until I get a job interview, but then I'll be sharing a pic of the bling with you. 

I do love me some New York Color. Their IndividualEyes compacts are fantastic, and idiot-proof. But while this "New York Nude" shade is a nice, subtle-peachy tone, this is a typical sticky lippy. I don't use lip glosses precisely because of this sticky quality- my hair gets covered, and it makes me unkissable. If NYC made a non-sticky gloss, I'd wear the hell out of it.

I admit, I rolled my eyes to see yet another Eboost in my package. At least this one isn't orange! The flavor is supposed to be "pink lemonade". Once again, way too sweet, but it's better than the orangeaid flavor by far. Does it work? Hard to tell...I didn't have a sugar crash, but I can't say I felt very energized, either. I ought to try this when I'm sick...

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