Literary Friday: Headhunters

Synopsis according to GoodReads:
"Armed with credit cards, forged documents, and faux jewelry, four New Jersey women head to Monte Carlo posing as four of the richest women in the world. Their plan is to meet Mr. Right (also known as Mr. Rich). The problem is that they've pulled off their scheme so perfectly that they've attracted four charming, elegant men -- who have a very similar plan in mind."

Headhunters could be considered sexist, and it's definitely a story that is more likely to have happened 20 years ago than today. However, it's a comedic romantic romp, complete with mistaken identity, mis-information, and risks taken in the name of hope.

Actually, it's pretty inspiring how these ladies risk everything, in grand over-the-top fashion, with a sort of entrepreneurship flair. It's a light read, but entertaining and I appreciate the immense amount of detail that is in this book. It made me want to bask in Monte Carlo, myself!

I recommend it for fans of comedic romance, exotic international travel, and anyone needing a quick airplane read.

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