All Bodies Are Good Bodies

There's been a lot floating around along the lines of "curvy girls are better than skinny girls". I understand the desire to jump on the bandwagon, given that the "skinny girls" image has gone hand in hand with society's definition of sexy for about 100 years now.

But I think this is all pretty much bullshit.

Those images of "curvy girls"? They have flat abs. Toned arms and calves. Nary a cottage cheese thigh in sight. Because this isn't a revolution to bring respect to chubby gals, it's a marketing ploy that reinforces the idea that any amount of body fat (not counting breasts) is not sexy (read: undesirable, unhealthy, unwanted). These are not normal girls, these are models. These are genetic freaks whose random DNA sequence has landed them in a very exclusive club.

And of course we can agree that they are sexy- we've bought the fat = bad propaganda for so long that the weight loss industry is still growing despite the bad economy.

If you really want to have a revolution of body love and equal respect, let's embrace the concept that ALL bodies are good bodies

+ No us vs them judgements within our own gender (which has enough problems on its own, without dividing us).
+ No fetishizing attraction to any one body type.
+ No equating weight, size, or shape to health, happiness, or self-worth.
Just living, happily, and accepting each other and ourselves, regardless of how we look.

Yes, it's hard. We live in a consumer capitalist society, so selling an unachievable ideal makes people money, even if it screws you over. And there is no magic pill solution to fight this daily onslaught of "you are not good enough" messages.

BUT if we're stubborn, and love ourselves as often as we hear those negative messages, we will perservere.
And one day, it won't be rote mantra but true faith in your own beauty and sex appeal that is coming out of your mind.

(to be clear, I mean love ourselves in a way that is 100% positive thoughts, emotions, and actions toward our bodies)

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