DIY Heart-felt Banner

One of the joys of having all this free time, and no money to spend, is finding crafts on Pinterest that I can do with the materials at hand.

I came across a felt heart-shaped bunting awhile back, and thought it might be a lovely thing to make.

In true Goddess Life fashion, I messed up right away (by having pieces of felt that were too lengthy), but I turned the error into opportunity. I know it's too late to make this for V-day 2013, but it would be great for a variety of events (wedding, anniversary, etc), so I wanted to share it with y'all.

You will need:

Step 1. Fold the felt piece lengthwise, and sew a straight seam, so you have a tube

Step 2. Measure and mark every inch or so (guide for cutting strips)

Step 3. Cut strips of about an inch thick

Step 4. Gently turn strips inside out. Strips will look apple-shaped.

Step 5. Sew a straight seam along the fold/rounded end, making the apple shape into a heart shape. You may need to mold the heart a bit to keep it from getting squished.

For my white felt, I used a piece that was too long. The length made them too floppy to be heart-shaped, so.....

I turned each strip inside out and pinched the middle, creating two heart shapes.

Then I sewed a straight seam where I had pinched, and fluffed them to make the heart shape more rounded and pretty.

Step 6. Line up the heart shapes into the banner size and decoration that you want. You could even make these into a wreath!

Step 7. Thread a needle (I folded the thread so it was 4 strands thick), and pass it through the center of each heart. For my white "whoops" hearts, I passed it through the center straight seam that divides the two conjoined hearts.

Step 8. Gently move the hearts along the thread until each one is fluffed and spaced the correct amount. Although these will easily flatten for storage, you want to make sure they are threaded on enough string to be as wide as they need to be.

Step 9. Tie off the ends of thread so that the hearts are on a string. 
Optional: Sew ribbons to the two outside hearts, to use for hanging the banner.

Note: These work best, due to their felt squishiness, when hung or placed against a solid surface. They could be a banner against the wall or mantle, a wreath against the door, or even a table runner centerpiece. 

This is a fun and very easy craft that only takes a bit of time. It's relatively kid-friendly, and has a lot of options for personalizing colors, spacers between hearts, etc.
In fact, I'm going to see if I can make future ones with different shapes out of felt!

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