February Goals

January Goals Recap
  • Watch the Ducks game at Lorenza y Gabriella's <--- FAIL, just wasn't up to it
  • Host the Books 'n' Blogger swap with Miss Angie
  • Sew replacement camicia for my Italian garb
  • Attend Twelfth Night <--- FAIL, too poor
  • Post a Book Blast + Giveaway weekly
  • Apply to at least 15 more jobs
  • Have a regular Game of Thrones night (episode and dinner)
  • Save $1,200/month
  • Figure out what veggies are getting planted where

February Goals
  • Co-host the Sweethearts Swap with Miss Angie
  • Start planting garden veggies (green onions, garlic)
  • Apply to at least 15 more jobs
  • Plan Norwescon panels
  • Read 3 (or more) books
  • Do something nice for Fedora on V-Day
  • Finish a sewing project
  • Handmake at least one item for my Sweethearts Swap partner
  • Apply for unemployment benefits extension
  • Post more personal blog entries/memes
  • Participate in at least two more blog giveaways

PSST! Don't forget to signup for the Sweethearts Swap! It's gonna be a lovely one!

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