Literary Friday: Charming the Prince

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"Dear Reader,
My enemies know me as Lord Bannor the Bold, Pride of the English and Terror of the French. Never in my life have I backed down from any challenge or betrayed so much as a hint of fear—until the war ended and I found myself a reluctant papa to a dozen unruly children.Realizing that I couldn't lop their little heads off or throw them in the dungeon, I sent my steward out to find them a mother and me a bride—an attractive, meek, maternal creature too plain to tempt me to get her with child. You can imagine my horror when he returned with Lady Willow of Bedlington, a spirited beauty who made me think of nothing else!With her cloud of dark curls and the sparkle of passion in her eyes, Willow was everything I'd sworn to resist. I never dreamed she would join forces with those mischievous imps of mine to teach this cynical warrior just how sweet surrender can be.
Bannor the Bold,
Lord of Elsinore"

Charming the Prince is a sweet romance, in the typical vein of romances. I like the multiple fairy tale tropes woven into the story. I'm not a huge fan of romances, so I don't know if this ranks as a great one or a standard one or a bad one. It's a cute, quick read with the standard hero/heroine added mischief with some plot twists and hellion children.

I recommend it for fans of romance and fairy tales, and romantic fairy tale retellings.

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