Sweethearts Swap Score

Hello, lovelies!
I just got my swap package for the Sweethearts Swap, from Kayla at Green Mountain Couple.

When the swap begin, Kayla was a new blogger to me- I'd never seen her in other swaps before, and her blog was something new and different. Kayla and her hubby are preppers (not the bad-press-paranoid kind, but the let's-been-a-boon-to-neighbors-not-a-burden-if-the-sh*t-hits-the-fan kind).

Fedora and I are newbie preppers (or, as I like to call it, preppers with more plans than money). So it was an exciting opportunity to dig through her posts, get book recommendations from her, and learn new ways of making things. Yay!

As part of their self-sufficiency plan, Kayla and her man have even just got a flock of chickens and I cannot wait to see how it goes.

Needless to say, Kayla is amazing and generous, and I am excited to read more about her adventures. You can, too, right here!

But enough about that...check out the awesomeness she sent me:

(handmade heart-shaped potholder...check out the vintage Winnie the Pooh fabric!)

(I love the color of the Morning Glory flowers...and purple carrots?! Awesome!)

(Chocolates and mints from local Vermont companies...aaaand delicious)

(She didn't know this, but Fedora LOVES real maple syrup, which we have a hard time finding)

(She didn't know this, either, but I LOVE this book! It started me on my self-sufficiency/sustainable living journey, and is a must read for everyone. All my copies have been loaned and never returned, now I have one that's mine, all mine!)

(Her homemade laundry soap, which is much less messy and more elegant than mine)

(Her homemade spicy pepper jelly. We can't wait to try this with cream cheese, or on tuna sandwiches...yum!)

Thanks so much, Kayla, for your generosity and inventiveness, and for your spot-on sixth sense of what we'd love to have here. Once we start canning, get our own chickens, etc, we will be coming to you with our questions!

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