We Want to Know Wednesday

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{no. 1} What is your favorite flower?
I've always liked tulips and irises. I'm a fan of flowers that have little or no scent, and aren't the 'popular' holiday flowers.

{no. 2} Tell us about your favorite Valentine's Day: 
I've never had one that was memorable, really.

{no. 3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid? 
Up until middle school, yes. Mom would leave us little candies at our placemats, and we'd do the whole Valentines exchange thing in school. But after age 10 or so, I don't recall it being anything more than a reminder that I was single.

{no. 4} If you could have any one thing for Valentine's Day what would it be? 
Enough money to know that Fedora and I can go on the summer trip we've been planning. And afford rent and bills until then.

{no. 5} Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day? 
I'm planning on making brekkie for Fedora (I can't say what, as he reads this blog sometimes), and baking some stuff for him. And, of course, steamy fun time.

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