Christian Carroll Photography and Shiree Collier Makeup

As some of you may know, I recently auditioned for Shakespeare in the Park. I've always loved acting, and wanting to pursue it professionally, but was talked out of it (because "nobody can make a living as an artist"). 

I had my monologues memorized, my blocking roughed out, but there was one problem....
I didn't have a headshot. 

A headshot is one of those requirements of actors. It's what you hand the casting director, along with your acting resume, so they have a visual reminder of you when they're trying to recall who was the best during auditions. A headshot is something that is supposed to show the real you- personality, energy, and all. And I had less than a week to get one.

Luckily for me, I know one of the Pacific Northwest's BEST photographers. And he knows one of Seattle's BEST makeup and hair artists!

Shiree Collier worked quickly and efficiently, transforming my blotchy skin to smooth, radiant, even-toned flesh. Believe me when I say this is not easy- I have super dry skin that tends to absorb makeup, even after I've moisturized and applied a primer. She gave me a supremely subtle natural look that also made my eyes pop. 

I would love to have been painted in wild high-fashion style by her, but the goal was to make me look as natural as possible. And she did it! And while she worked, we chatted- about her life in New Zealand, her Wonder Woman obsession, her kids, and her job. I can't apply mascara without making funny faces, but Shiree made me stunning without missing a beat.

Christian, and his wife Amber, were amazing to work with. Friendship aside, they were personable, warm, inviting, and calm. I felt totally at ease in the photography studio. Their setup allowed us to take regular breaks and review the shots we'd gotten. Between that and Amber's pose/expression feedback, we got 140 amazing shots in just a few hours. 

Christian has an eye for great moments! I felt like a diva model during the whole time. It was a blast! I would absolutely do this as a profession, if it were always this fun!

The long and the short is- Christian Carroll Photography and Shiree Collier Makeup and Hair are two Seattle-based companies that I highly recommend to anyone. Whether you're needing a headshot, or wedding/engagement photography, or family reunion photos, or band photos, or doing a fashion show, or just want to feel like someone famous and pampered and should check them out!

(These are just a few of the many shots we got. You can tell I was giggling a lot during it- being told I'm photogenic does that to me.)

I received no compensation for this review- I just had to sing their praises after such a great experience with both pros!
However, if you do hire either of them, feel free to tell them Beth sent ya.

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