Corkcicle Review + Giveaway

Hello, my wine-drinking friends. You may remember my traipse through a vineyard last year, or the fact that I cook with it sometimes, but for those that are new....I'm a wine-lover. Reds, specifically.

So when I was contacted by Wine Enthusiast about reviewing (and giving away!) a Corkcicle, my response was somewhere on the line of:

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What is Corkcicle?
It's an icicle thing, attached to a cork. Toss it in the freezer, then plop it in your open bottle of wine, and it will chill the wine without watering it down. It also keeps you from having to handle a cold (and/or wet from condensation) bottle. Yay!

So the obvious application is with white wine (or champagne, or cider), which should be consumed cold. However, some reds have a richer flavor when served just under room temperature. As I'm a red drinker, and a fan of rich flavors, I figured 10 minutes of the Corkcicle working its magic would be perfect.

The vino

The frozen Corkcicle

The insertion (after pouring out a bit of the red into our glasses, to make room)

The cork part fit snugly.

The action shot

Tada! I got impatient and only let the Corkcicle sit for about 8 minutes. The red was perfect...about 65 degrees. I would say, uncork your red and let it breathe for 10 minutes before inserting the Corkcicle. But then it's good to go!

Want to win a Corkcicle of your own??

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