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2nd Annual Kick Butt Characters Hop
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Clary is an excellent kick-butt heroine, and I hear she gets better and better in this series. In true kick-butt heroine style, she isn't a warrior assassin wonder woman, but a girl who is loyal to her friends and family, analytical, curious, solid in her belief of right and wrong, and cautious in her actions because she understand the consequences. Mostly.

In short, she's supremely believable and realistic, not to mention fleshed-out. And did I mention she's a redhead? It's a thing.

Prefer action-adventure style kick-butt characters? No problem! City of Bones has

Isabelle, the whip-wielding Amazon of a beauty
Alec, the quiet, wise, passionate guy
Simon, the witty, courageous, adorable geek who is good with a bow
Jace, the thrill-seeking sword warrior who prefers blunt truth to social niceties
...and the list goes on and on.

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