Kiva: Loans that Change Lives

What is Kiva?
Kiva is a non-profit organization that works with microfinance institutions around the world to make interest-free loans to low-income individuals in areas without traditional banking systems. These loans enable the entrepreneurs to start up businesses in their communities, bringing in jobs, money, sustainability, and the foundations for a better life- for them and their neighbors.

100% of every dollar you loan goes straight to that person or group, to fund their startup business.
They then have a schedule of time during which to repay that loan, interest-free.
Kiva operates in 67 countries throughout the world and has a 99% repayment rate.

I lent my first $25 through Kiva in 2007.
I didn't have cash to spare, really, being constantly in this financial situation that I am. But I was moved by the idea that I could help empower people poorer than myself, who were trying to make good for their families.

Every time that $25 was paid back, I made another loan with it.
After all, wealth is an imaginary concept, and banking is a numbers game, so why not keep that same $25 in circulation where it can do good in the world?

I haven't lost a single cent, loaning through Kiva, and I've managed to contribute to the empowerment of 7 women around the globe. That's a good feeling.

Right now, Kiva is running a special promotion:

Sign up with Kiva, and receive a free $25 to loan! That means you don't have to put forth a single dime, and you can make a donation that pulls someone out of poverty in a way that sustains them, and builds their community. How cool is that?!

How do you pick who to loan to? However you want! You can see profiles, business plans, etc, and filter/search however you wish. For me, I chose to loan to women in countries that typically discourage the education of women. But you can choose by whatever criteria you wish.

I would love it if you clicked on the link and made a donation right now, today, with that $25 from Kiva. Your simple investment will build a company, create jobs, encourage sustainability, keep a family from poverty, invest in the infrastructure of a community, inspire others, and empower someone.

Thank you. 

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