March Goals

February Goals Recap
  • Co-host the Sweethearts Swap with Miss Angie
  • Start planting garden veggies (green onions, garlic)
  • Apply to at least 15 more jobs
  • Help Mom clean the condo <--- Plan Nixed
  • Read 3 (or more) books <--- Been distracted :(
  • Do something nice for Fedora on V-Day
  • Finish a sewing project

March Goals
  • Get condo patio furniture and BBQ 
  • Prep for Norwescon panels
  • Rock Norwescon as a pro panelist
  • Finish a sewing project
  • Make some romance-inspired jewelry
  • Apply to at least 20 more jobs
  • Host Fedora's visiting friends
  • Go to a garage sale with Fedora
  • Plant more outdoor veggies

And Fat Joe's to-do list: Lay the smack down when not-dad is up in my grill with the camera. 

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