Shampoo for Unnatural Hair

Unnatural hair? Well, ok, I mean hair with color that isn't natural to it. Like hair dyed darker, lighter, blue, whatever.

For you folks (and myself- now that I'm a blondie), I have found the best shampoo. It's from Shielo . It's called "Gentle", and it's specifically for color-treated hair.

Shielo's  Gentle strengthens and protects hair that has been stressed with coloring products and bleaches- which is the #1 way to keep your color richer, for a longer period of time, and to keep your hair from snapping off, splitting, and falling out.

How do they do this? Gentle has zero sulfates, a low pH to compact cuticles (for color retention and added strength), and Shielo's  patent "StrandGuard Complex".


You know sulfates as those things that make shampoo bubbly and get a lather going. But they function like an alcohol, drying out your hair and making the strands brittle. This is a double-whammy for colored hair and curly hair, as both need moisturizing oils in order to be healthy, bouncy, shiny, and all that jazz.

In short, Shielo's Gentle is perfect for hair in need of protection from over-drying. And they have not only shampoo, but conditioner and an antioxidant protectant as well. Check it out!

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