Sponsor Love...Becca!

That's right, another Becca! 
(What, you gals have a club or something?)

Isn't she adorable? Becca blogs over at Faith, Love, & Babies, and you may have noticed her (extra adorable) button on the righthand side of my blog. --->
She's a bit of geek (loves Batman and Grey's Anatomy), and a newbie cook, and a military wife. Basically Becca is a woman at the start of a journey, which makes her posts fun and relatable.
She also hosts awesome sponsor giveaways, loves teal, and is a fan o Jennifer Lawrence...so you know she's an awesome chick!
She's a very prolific blogger, and I love her dessert adventures, her amusing stories (and honesty), and her fun DIY craft tutorials.
And did I mention the giveaways?
Go check her blog out!

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