Stretching Cents: Freebies

Hello, blogland! I'm continuing my "Stretching Cents" segment about saving money, and living paycheck-to-paycheck, with a post about everyone's favorite: freebies!

In addition to getting stuff without spending money (which, depending on the stuff, can be very useful), it's a nice pick-me-up to win or be sent something new. Especially when you can't afford to buy things for yourself.
And the psychology of not feeling choice-less when you're financially restricted is very, very important.

Free Stuff:
"Free is the best price"

+ I enter every internet giveaway that is reasonable to me. By which, I mean it's not going to cost me money, compromise my ability to follow along with blogs, be spammed by emails, etc.
My favorites are:
And anything I stumble across on Pinterest or via bloggers that I follow (I pin giveaways HERE)

+ I sign up for reliable product review sites. These will send you free items in exchange for an honest review (which is a win-win, really).
My favorites are:
Amazon Vine

+ I sign up for book reviews when I'm wanting a new read, such as the ones found at Prism Book Tours and I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. These require a posted book review on a schedule, but can be a great way to discover new writers.

+ I sign up for freebies from Freeflys and Target. These don't require a product review, but are a great way to find new stuff.

+ I follow Freecycle, for used housewares and items in my area that I might need but be unable to purchase.

Are there any freebie sites or giveaway groups that you'd recommend??

* These images are not my images, and are being used to help visually identify the recommended websites. I am happy to give credit to the artists, once I know who they are.

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