WWTKW + Wino Wednesdays

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It's Wednesday! And one post today just isn't enough, so I'm hopping on the We Want to Know bandwagon AND joining Wino Wednesdays. 

{no. 1} Are you affected by the "Winter Blues"? Does Winter drag on where you live?
I don't have Seasonal Affective Disorder, as far as I know, but I'm MUCH more productive and energetic when the sun is out. And I live in Western Washington, so we're not getting much snow, or temps below the mid-30's, but the grey, rainy days do drag on (Winter, Spring, and Autumn).

{no. 2} What is Spring like where you live, and when does it arrive?
It should be arriving this month sometime...but Nature is dynamic, so who knows? My tulips need some sun before I can believe that Spring is here. When it arrives, it's full of daffodils, tulips, irises, and cherry blossoms, which bloom everywhere in and around the city.

{no. 3} Do you have plans for Spring Break or an upcoming vacation? 
I haven't even heard back on whether I can make rent in April, so no vacations for me. Thankfully (because I fear I'm driving him nuts), Fedora has an upcoming vacation planned....to AUSTRALIA. I'm hoping he brings me back a wallaby.

{no. 4} Have you ever done a true Spring Break to a beach somewhere to party, etc?
No. I grew up in San Diego next to a Marine Corps base, so the idea of partying with a bunch of idiots who can't hold their booze has never appealed to me.
(I'm not saying all Marines are like that, but after enough friends have been hit on by 18 year old midwestern boys who are trashed on pills and Coors and think being off-base means a free ride on the lovin' wagon...I just steered clear)
(This is ironic, as Fedora used to be a Marine. But never the kind listed above)

{no. 5} What is your favorite thing about Spring?
The flowers and colors everywhere. It's such a united celebration of life!


And in other news...mom is visiting, and she brought with her bottles of wine from Washington's wine country. I gotta tell you guys, some of this vineyards are amazeballs! We've only gone through 3 of the 6 bottles, so we need to get on the stick more. Having vino with every meal inspired me to find these classy little numbers:
(for the record, I HATE merlot. It's the only part of the movie Sideways that made me laugh- never thought I'd feel kinship with Paul Giamotti)

(red wine lover charm)

(red wine fountain in Italy!)

(I need this!)

(For Lost lovers)

Happy Wednesday!

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