Covert Robin Reveal

In March, I participated in the Covert Robin blog swap, hosted by imagine gnats. It's a lovely little swap of handmade goodies, in the round-robin style. Some of my very favorite bloggers were participating, so I decided to give it a go.

I was paired with the very-talented Amy of Colchitas Bonitas, who makes blanket quilt knitting crafty thingies. And cans/preserves. And has adorable cats. 
(adorable cats!)

I had never met Amy before, nor knew about her blog, so that was exciting. Here's how it went down:

I was gardening (read: fighting with the patch of lawn that I'm trying to turn into a garden). In frustration and disgust, I put my tools away and stomped around. And then I got to the front stoop, and saw that the mailman had left a lovely package.

Yes, she drew adorable "covert" robins on every side of the box. I was giggling!

And inside it....
 A quilted throw-pillow cover!

Detail....hedgehog in a pinwheel!

Homemade Apricot Brandy Preserves (mmmmmm....)

This will be my first taste of okra ever.
I may be a little nervous.

So, in short, Amy is awesome. People who do quilting, to me, are amazing (much like people who draw), because I cannot stitch a straight line. Or draw one.

Well done, Amy...and THANK YOU!
I can't wait to heap the preserves onto some cinnamon sugar ice cream (or vanilla, or whatever), or pour some over crepes, or maybe just eat it out of the jar. 

And try the okra! Fedora says pickled okra is tastynoms.

And that pillow cover is staying in the bedroom, where the cat hair will keep away from it, because it's just too, too cute. 

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