Meet My...Bookshelf

This is part of my ongoing "meet my" segment, in which I introduce you to things in my life that are part of the story of me. I'm not terribly interesting...but my stuff is!

So today, meet my...bookshelf.

This is an IKEA bookshelf, purchased about 5 years ago. It is one of the few things that has survived my multiple moves within Washington state.

It currently houses approximately 180 books, none of which I have read.

This is, in effect, my TBR pile. 
(Yeah, I know. I don't know how this happened, but I got in the habit of buying used paperbacks at local book stores *instead of using the library*)

It used to be organized alphabetically, by author. Then Fedora pointed out that I could fit all of my TBR pile on it if I laid the tomes horizontally. Bonus! This makes the spine easier to read.

After my Christmas book tree experiment, I decided to organize them by spine color. Roughly.

Then I re-organized to make the top shelf my RAK shelf. All the books on this shelf are ones that folks have requested via RAK, so they're my top reading priority.

In the interest of not encouraging the crazy, I am no longer buying ANY books for myself. Even if it's one I've always wanted to read and it's only $1.
This is harder than it should be.

If I can average reading 2-3 books per month, I estimate that I can finish all of these in 5 years.

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