Meet My...Cat

Every once in awhile, I get the urge to try some new series on my blog. The problem is, I can never keep it up for very long. So instead of a running series or a linky party or anything, I'm just going to try a new segment until it is exhausted.

This is part of my new "meet my" segment, in which I introduce you to things in my life that are part of the story of me. I'm not terribly interesting...but my stuff is!

So today, meet

Yep, Fat Joe has hacked my blog (more than once!) because he's fantastically smart, and oftentimes very, very bored. So you've already met him, in that sense. But here are some facts about Joe that you might not have gleaned from him already:

Fat Joe is Fedora's cat. When I met him, 8 months ago, he laid on top of all of my clothing, right away. Then he attacked my ankles (and drew blood). That tells you how he feels about Fedora.

Being 18, Joe is considered geriatric, and basically a dinosaur. The average indoor/outdoor cat life expectancy is around 12 years old, making Joe both hearty and rare. Fedora and I believe he's immortal.

Joe likes to help me with the cooking and baking.

Joe prefers hanging out on the back of the couch on grey days.

Joe once brought down a jackrabbit larger than himself, but that was the last time he hunted, and it was years ago.

Joe likes to sit like a human, in Fedora's lap. He will just sit and purr for ages. Clearly, he's a Daddy's Boy.

Joe does not like kisses. So I give them to him all the time.

Joe recently discovered the floor heater, but he prefers to keep an eye on us at all times. So he'll spend a few minutes on top of the heating vent, then sit on the couch (preferably in our butt-groove as soon as we get up) for hours.

Or he'll hang out in a sunbeam, on the chair that used to be Fedora's, before Fat Joe claimed it.
(Just like he claimed that rainbow afghan)

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