Mug O' Comfort Swap Awesomeness

Being a coffee whore and tea junkie (and Fedora having more mugs than most women have shoes), I was super, super excited for the Mug O' Comfort Swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps.

I was paired with Rachel, from Chutzpanit, for whom this was her first swap...yay!
Rachel is a book addict, foodie, and PNW transplant (to the Big Apple), so I knew I was in for a treat!

Sure enough....aside from the pretty white font paper and sweet card, I got...

Stumptown coffee beans! This is a Portland-based roaster whose beans are usually out of my price range (but deeeeeelicious).

David's Tea! I've never tried this brand, but Rachel raves about it. And check out the flavors: oolong, coconut chai rooibos, and chocolate tea. Reading the ingredients in each of these makes me salivate.

Mug of adorableness! That's a motto that I love, and need to be reminded of more. Plus, given my adoration of the slow food movement, the happy snail was very appropriate.

Thanks, Rachel, for being a fabulous swap partner!
You guys should definitely check Chutzpanit out...Rachel is quietly unassuming with her posts, but her book reviews are thoughtful, her foodie updates are pictureful and inspiring, and her blog is elegant. 

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