Itty Bitty Beauty Swap Show Off

It's that time!

I had SO much fun shopping for and making things for the Itty Bitty Beauty Swap. 
I was paired with Karen from I Wish I Had an Adipose (me too,, too). 

Karen tracks her weight loss journey, and her life, on this blog. However, after a bit of stalking digging, I discovered her second blog, What's in Our Lunch Bags? where she chronicles the amazing, artistic Americanized bento boxes that she packs for her family.

I spent three hours combing through her blogs, fascinated by her artistic talent, creativity, sense of humor, and ability to blog despite working third shift (not enough caffeine in the world, says I). I was thrilled because we have similar geeky fandoms (primarily Dr Who, but also Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, Castle, Game of Thrones, books, etc), and I could tell from her Pinterest boards that we'd get along if we were neighbors. 

Naturally, I had to geek-theme the goodies I sent to Karen (which you can see here)...little did I know, she was doing the same thing for me! (only, more artistically, and with books)

Check it out:
You know it's going to be good when there's a TARDIS on the outside...

A River Song reference (in a sinful red that is utterly hers), a Donna Noble reference (in a gorgeously holographic/prismatic purple), and a TARDIS reference in a sparkly blue that positively glows...

She covered two body washes with these clever new labels: a Regeneration scrub, and reference to Cassandra (I know, this is all odd if you're not a Whovian, but trust me...she was incredibly clever!)

The Impossible Girl (a reference to Clara Oswin Oswald, and the last epi I've seen *le sigh*), Come Along, Pond (reference to Amy, and a blue that absolutely screams Amy in a kissogram outfit), and Bad Wolf (a reference to Rose Tyler, aka She Who Can Make Me Weep In Under One Second)

Two hilarious-sounding books (mysteries) that revolve around geekdom. My kind of reads!

A close-up of the detail....Gallifreyan Coconut & Jojob Extracts!

Karen sent not only an excellent swap package, with goodies I enjoy and will use, but she was hilariously clever in her presentation. I giggled the entire time I was opening it and pulling stuff out (which was a great boon, as I spent the week sick and injured, so I needed a laugh).
I can only hope she enjoys that package I sent her, as well!

Thank you, Karen, for a fantastic swap package! You rock, and I can't wait to continue following your adventures and being inspired by your cleverness. If (when?) the Doctor visits me, we'll be coming to pick you up for a spin around the universe.

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