Meet My...Boyfriend

This is part of my ongoing "meet my" segment, in which I introduce you to things in my life that are part of the story of me. I'm not terribly interesting...but the things in my life are!

So today, meet my...boyfriend.

You've heard the story of how Fedora and I met. Here's some other facts about him, and us.
The anniversary of our meeting is this month! May 25th.

Fedora is his bloggy nickname (as I give everyone except the cat a bloggy nickname). It was chosen because when we met he basically wore a fedora hat everywhere we went. 

Fedora's natural facial expression when a camera appears is a smirk. But it's a sexy smirk. 
I may be biased.

Fedora moved to my hometown 12 years ago. I moved to his hometown 5 years ago. We actually spent 7 years in the same area, attending the same renaissance faires and festivals, and even having some of the same friends...and we didn't meet until May 2012.

Fedora is a whiz in the kitchen, though he wouldn't admit to it. He's a fan of spices, and uses them to great effect. 
(he makes me breakfast on the weekends)

Fedora enjoys dressing up. I call him my Lord Byron- a manly guy who happens to rock the costumes. This is brilliant, and something I never thought I'd find in a boyfriend, given my own love of dressing in costume.

Fedora is a coffee snob. He's gotten me in the habit of spoiling myself regularly with good coffee (and good bacon, and good bread, and good cheese) because, well, life is short. Drink tasty coffee.

Fedora loves kitties, and kitties love him. When we go out walking in the neighborhood, cats come running up to him.

Fedora is also a gamer, with a weakness for Skyrim and...well, any Bethesda game. But he's very good about not being ALL about gaming (in fact, he games less than an hour a week, on average), and he always includes me. I love playing Fable III with him!
And so does Fat Joe.

And lastly, Fedora is a romantic. He enjoys making me swoon by leaving little notes on our chalk mug and around the house.

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