Meet My...Garden

This is part of my ongoing "meet my" segment, in which I introduce you to things in my life that are part of the story of me. I'm not terribly interesting...but my stuff is!

So today, meet
(those green rows and actually the walkways, not the veggies)

I grew up with access to a veggie garden 24/7, but I never wanted to grow my own until I moved to Seattle. This is my third attempt at gardening. My first ended before it began, when Scotsman stole $3,000 from me and forced me to move out, leaving my baby garden behind. The second was in Kirkland, in pots, most of which was handicapped by space. But THIS one...this one is in a plot of land that used to be a lawn. And eventually it'll stop trying to be a lawn again.

The front yard, with our tulips (planted these the second and third day after I moved in, last November)


I <3 Tulips

We are currently growing:
Pak Choi
Summer Squash
Brussel Sprouts
Green Onions
(soon to be sweet and hot peppers, and sugar snap peas)

Our first vegetable growth! It's a pak choi baby.

The future site of carrots. Hopefully.

What I hope is the morning glory that was planted here...

Garlic. Mmmmmmm....

Green onions

Plus: marigolds, morning glories, tulips, irises, poppies, and the flowers that came already-mature here: bluebells, lilac, rose, rhododendron, and a few other unidentified flowering bushes.

Regardless of whether anything (aside from the pak choi, garlic, and green onions) grows this year, we have plans to re-till it after growing season, cover it with topsoil, and tarp it to (hopefully) kill the abundance of grass and dandelions growing throughout the garden.
Anyone got tips for killing a stubborn lawn in Seattle, and not the veggies to be planted there?

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